sexta-feira, 4 de julho de 2014

Tangled. . .

"In days to today
I find myself thinking
In all my mistakes
Everything I said
Did and dreamed and end
It's like sand through my fingers ...

I think if you go away Run without a destination
Nobody will think
Weigh ... seek ...
Sometimes I'm scared

There's nothing you can say
He can hear
Did you know
It's just a wound
That opens, sometimes
And you're so good balm ...

I feel I should cry more
Fight like a warrior
Living as the last day
Our whole life
But I'm so stuck
Arrested ...

I am as innocent times
Fell into the web of life
I deliver my gaze
I'm a lost child
Without a shadow ... No destination ...

Sometimes I need a hug
A comfort
Support ...
I can not run
Nor do I want
Or is it that I can not ...
Live this tangle
Web that throws me this spiral

Blues suffered
Open wounds
Past skeletons
Live ... Sad ... Heavy ...

Wrong in the past
My brand is deep
Music so slow
Stopped pace
Waltz of Despair
Doom ...

In thoughts
Tired of swallowing this poison
My nasty poison
Perverted mind
I'm afraid my existence
My thought ...

Crazy on the brink
Impaled Emperor
Rolled lovers
Mate death
Tower Fall
Judging by my head
In my head ...

Dreaminess... madness
So lightly ...
Shut me
Catch Me
Put these shackles
Do not allow fly
Entangle me in your arms ...

Flowing the fingers like sand
End of facts and dreams
Errors that are just my
Meditating on time
As today that day ... "

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